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Introducing the new A4 Smart Pen,
Revolutionizing the way you Write!
aPen A4 for iPad. Write or draw on paper, your handwriting displays on iPad screen, real-time! You can sketch, or write on images, JPEG, MS Office applications, Outlook and share with everyone.
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Photo Sketcher
A4 Smart Pen is possibly the most productive tool for personal creativity. This smart pen is fun and useful for someone who does a good deal of mind-mapping and drawing. You can simply upload the images without the tedious, time consuming and process of scanning. You also can export your images to tools like Photoshop or you can also hook up directly to a projector for your business presentation .
Digitizes and records hand writing wirelessly with no computer
By clipping the receiver on a paper, aPen A4 automatically digitizes your written notes and can store up to 100 pages wirelessly without having to connect to a computer. aPen A4 captures every stroke you make on the paper and you can store them in your computer easily. To write or draw on images or MS Office application in real-time, just connect aPen A4 to your computer. aPen A4 comes with a software to let you sync your files to your iPad and share to the world in seconds.
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Real-Time Drawing and Writing on Computer
Online mode let’s you upload and save your sketches and notes once connect to PC via USB cable in JPEG file and share by Email instantly. Meanwhile, what you draw on paper can be shown on the screen simultaneously.
Write or draw just like regular pen, on regular paper!
The A4 pen is like a regular pen. Take it anywhere and write, draw or scribble on regular sheet of paper or notepad. No special paper is required. Records up to 100 pages on receiver.
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Shares photo on Facebook, Flickr, etc.
You can show your imprint creativity on your photo and share annotated photos to Facebook, Flicker, Blog and share with millions of your fans worldwide. You can also do business messenger communication with photo sketcher on photos with business information.
Sign important documents using your eSignature
You can do office document annotation and signature on Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook which is ideal for your daily work.
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